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Business Text Messaging

“I love getting calls and emails, and receiving neither back! ” said no one ever.

Texting has become a rather dominate force in our lives as we text in movies, on dates, and some are still crazy enough to still do so while driving(please don’t).

In a recent survey by Salesforce in 2014 apparently 90% of those surveyed said they text at least once a day. So why not make this personal form of communication an easy way to reach out. Mainly because a telemarketing epidemic in the U.S. which has killed the idea of customers picking up a phone call if they do not know who is calling them.

As a result many small businesses struggle to connect with their customers because no one picks up their phone up.
But what cannot be ignored… is a text message. I will be exploring how business text messaging can help your company and allow you to engage with your customers as well!

Why You Should Start Texting Your Customers…

Did you know?

Around the world we exchange more than 50 billion messages every day and the continuing explosive growth suggests that messaging will be a lasting phenomenon. But, what does this mean for businesses? Most of the 50 billion messages exchanged globally each day are for personal communication, such as text messages sent between friends and family. Why can’t we text businesses, too?

What if there was a way to take traditional text messaging and turn it into a tool for businesses to use to engage and interact with their customers? In the past, the only form of text messaging available to businesses was “short code” – a marketing tool used to send one-way information out to a company’s contacts. Here at Mobex, we believe communication should be a two-way street and set out to build a new platform where companies and their customers could engage with each other in real time through text messaging.

How it works:

Companies sign up for our texting service at  From there, landlines, VoIP lines, as well as toll-free numbers, currently associated with your business can be enabled to send and receive SMS text messages using this technology.

All without having to change your company’s current phone company.

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External Communications

You may view and interact with the text messages on your private web gui or download our free app on your company’s computers or cell phones.  Your customer will receive your text messages on their personal cell phone,  as they would from any other friend or family member. The best part is, we can text enable your existing telephone numbers, the same published numbers your customers already have saved in their phones for your business. (And you do not have to change the company you use for voice).

Your company can pre-determine which employees can send and receive messages with the public, and messages can be transferred around to different employees for added input and support.

Internal Communication

TextOurCompany also has an internal communications component. Our messaging platform provides a place for sending messages and files between individual employees and groups of employees; helping everyone save time and collaborate together. Employees can download our app and connect with other employers using our direct messaging feature. Or, channels can be created and divvied up by team, project, client, or whatever else is relevant to your organization. Team members can join and leave channels as needed unlike lengthy email chains. Threads keep side conversations from derailing the topic or project at hand.  Put collaboration and teamwork at your fingertips.

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We have worked hard to turn that idea into a reality and we are pleased to announce our newest development, We believe this simple idea of turning business text messaging into a two-way communication channel will revolutionize the way we communicate with businesses.

To Get Started:

With the popularity of on-demand services, conversational support & sales has never been more important. Allow users to reach you directly with text messaging

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