To Host or Not To Host?

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To Host or Not To Host?


With the increase push to the cloud has intensified, many large enterprises and small businesses have switched to hosted systems. This service has come with plenty of promises like bringing enhanced productivity, ease of use, and up to 68 percent cost savings over traditional phone solutions! We at Mobex want you and your businesses to see the cloud as a key opportunity to improve communications.


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems are important to be able to unlock the ability to place phone calls over the internet instead of through conventional phone lines. This application gives numerous benefits to businesses that can’t be ignored.

Heres are some of the benefits:


The principal advantage of switching to VoIp is cost, with both the initial investment and monthly charges being low. If you choose a VoIP service that works with IP-Phones the process is simple. You simply sign up for the service and pay a small charge for activation of your IP-phone allowing you to use your existing VoIP telephones! Calls to the U.S. and Canada are free, but International calls may include a low fixed monthly charge. Opposed to a PBX system which consists of a cabinet of expensive electronic equipment that must be located in your office. Substantial costs are involved with purchase and maintenance of this equipment along with monthly charges for them.


Another advantage of switching to VoIP is the flexibility and scalability of the service. With VoIP, you can add telephone numbers and telephones limited only by the bandwidth of your Internet connection. Although, if you need a bigger system you can pay extra to add capacity. This aspect of the service always it to expand and grow with you!

Call Analytics

Call analytics are also a big feature for VoIP Consumers. Specifically, because the calls are internet based, they can be tracked and viewed in real time. With VoIP there is no need to wait for a bill to be analyzed. This can all be done through a user portal (provided by the VoIP company) where calls can be searched and ordered wherever and whenever you wish. This is great for keeping track of calls to and/or from certain numbers or for monitoring costs rates to other competitors offers.


The phones are also very easy to move since they are IP based, meaning they operate like PCs. They move from one connection to another finding home and connecting right back up to the Cloud or Hosted PBX server.  No longer are the days when a simple phone move needs to have cross connects changed and a phone technician charging you for setup or service calls! If you are considering adding branching offices, they can be added to an existing system and connected through an Internet connection. (Again, lower cost, with the IP-phones being the major cost of the hardware needed.) Even the employees can plug in a compatible IP- Phone at home to their Internet connection and can continue work from home, which increases productivity, lowers overhead cost, satisfies employees, and decreases the amount of sick days, amazing right?