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Mar 02

Why is VoIP Becoming so Popular?

By Mobex | Business Communication , VoIP

Why is VoIP Becoming so Popular?

VoIP has quickly become a popular phone service for businesses because of the significant savings it brings to the table. Instead of paying a phone company exorbitant fees for maintains old copper lines, you can rely on your Internet connection — which you already pay for — and have your calls processed that way. VoIP phone service is also less complex than a traditional telephone system. Traditional phone systems typically involve complicated hardware and usually requires technician intervention for even the smallest issues. With VoIP, most of the maintenance and adjustments are preformed in the cloud by us at no cost to you. And it is also a breeze to install and configure.

Is VoIP Right for You?

Whether you’re looking for a phone service option for a home office or an international multi location business, VoIP is an excellent solution. Without question, today’s best phone service plans are delivered via VoIP. In addition to being much more affordable, VoIP phone services are loaded with extra features. With Mobex, you don’t have to pay extra for them, either, which can’t be said for a traditional phone service as well as other VoIP providers. In addition to inbound/outbound caller ID, call recording, conference and transferring capabilities, we incorporate other applications and communication methods. For instance, voicemails can be sent to you wherever you are via email attachments. Calls can also be transferred to other extensions and just as easily to outside landlines and cell phones if you have employees out in the field. And while you are reaching your employees your caller can be serenaded by your choice of music on hold or even a custom commercial on hold, made just for your business.

For small, medium and large offices, VoIP is quickly becoming ubiquitous, and the trend is sure to continue and intensify as time goes by. To find out more please visit Features or call us at 1-855-US-MOBEX

Dec 21

Overcome The Holiday Slow Down

By Mobex | Customer Service , Seasonal

Unless you are knee-deep in the retail world or happen to work somewhere such as a movie theater or restaurant, chances are your sales can slow down during the holiday season. Because of the typical downturn, many small business owners (and even some large ones) naturally lower expectations and projected revenue for the fourth quarter. However, with a little creativity and dedication, there are ways in which you can grow sales and gain new customers during this time.

Social Media
By now, you should be using at least two social media staples (such as Facebook and Twitter) regularly. The majority of your customers are online and perusing these sites often, which gives you ample opportunity to connect with them and promote your goods and services, especially any special holiday sales and pricing. Be sure to reward your fans/followers with exclusive coupons or discounts. This drives both sales and customer loyalty.

Dig around for bloggers who specialize in your area of business or cover your market. Not only are these good relationships to cultivate throughout the year, but also imperative at the holidays. Many of them write about gift suggestions and relevant services (cleaning, catering, gift wrapping, decorating, etc.) throughout this time. Dependent upon the level and reach of their blog, you can even pay to guest post or develop unique content. They have their own holiday to do lists, after all; chances are they are hard-pressed to post each and every day, and they too could be looking for new ways to engage their audience and avoid a slow down this time of year.

Tis this season to give, right? You can easily increase sales by offering something a little extra to buyers. There are many ways you can do this: guarantee a certain percentage of sales will go to families in need, homeless organizations, or pet shelters; host special events at your store(s) to treat customers to something special; or offer free gifts with a certain purchase amount. Well-meaning incentives go a long with way customers, both old and new.

Be Thankful
Send a note of thanks to current customers; showing your appreciation is integral to great customer service. Even better, include a discount with the email or card for them to use the next time they come in or place an order. The coupon should have an expiration date of 12/31 if you’re looking to up sales by the end of the year, or the end February if you’d like a push early in the New Year.

Dec 11

Why You Don’t Need A Business Phone Contract

By Mobex | Business Communication , Customer Service , Mobex News

Contrary to what industry giants’ want to make you believe, you do not need, nor should they make you feel like you want, a binding, long-term contract; and here is the main reason why, without a contract, you remain in control. Based on our experience and having listened to customers’ greatest concerns, we justly believe signing up for a business phone service should no longer require stringent, lengthy service contracts. Although some providers offer temporary rate reductions or other gimmicks in order to lock in a long-term deal, we went with more favorable alternatives – for both the client and provider – and offer you our full featured service, at a consistently low price, without a contract.

Many businesses out there shopping for phone service will be easily mislead by the promise of what appears to be (at the time of signing) a really good deal. Most of the time, the “deal” is only for a limited time, not the entirety of the contract. Another important consideration often buried in the small print are the hefty fees for early termination. What would they do if something happens to your business? Or you have to temporarily shut down? Traditionally speaking, the only way to avoid these pitfalls was by paying higher charges for shorter contracts, or going with the longer one and hoping for the best.

Having witnessed companies go through years of low satisfaction due to “locked in” contracts with our competitors, Mobex, on the other hand, offers month-to-month service with no contracts while still providing highly competitive rates (an average of $30 per month per user). Having month-to-month contracts ensures our quality of service will always be our top priority. Because although it’s your prerogative to cancel each month, we certainly don’t want to give you reason to do so. You are empowered to hold us accountable each and every month, not having to wait two of three years for a contract to expire.

For more information on our business friendly telecommunication services, click here.

Mobex provides business caliber telecommunications with customizable features to help you better connect with your customers. With Mobex, you have the added benefit of giving your small business a large business feel, and added security and value to your customers.

Nov 21

SIP Trunking: What Are The Benefits?

By Mobex | Business Communication , SIP Trunks , Unified Communications

In our last post we broke down exactly what SIP Trunking is and the primary benefits of why it is good for business, most notably a substantial reduction in costs, particularly when the service is tailored to your individual needs. However,as promised, we want to further examine its many benefits, as we believe this is something every business needs, regardless of its size.

  1. The user experience. All users will find that SIP Trunking has a stress-free, easy-to-use communications interface. And IT managers will discover that is an efficient and low-cost means to quickly scale services without incurring huge expenditures, which ultimately generates a significant ROI in a very short amount of time (sometimes in less than six months).
  2. The reliability. SIP Trunking comes with increased stability and reliability compared to traditional phone systems. During power outages, Trunks can easily be redirected to supplementary destinations: cell phones, other offices, and more (depending upon your business rules and requirements), thereby permitting uninterrupted service.
  3. The productivity. With the ability to flawlessly connect multiple offices and remote workers, SIP Trunking improves workforce partnership. This is especially important to organizations with international employees or offices. SIP Trunking makes traveling and moving much easier, as your phone number easily goes with you whether you’re changing offices or on the road.
  4. The fusion of communication. SIP Trunking combines mobile devices and remote workers by enabling a blend of premise and cloud based services, creating an IP-based unified communications system of voice, data, instant messaging, and application sharing.
  5. The scalability. As previously mentioned, SIP Trunking offers the freedom to increase or decrease services when needed. You are no longer required to invest in an infrastructure based on hypothetical and/or unpredictable future needs; you already have all capabilities at your fingertips. With proper programming, you can establish a SIP Trunk for your current needs and scale up and down when and as often as you see fit.

We truly believe unified communications via SIP Trunking saves you substantial time and expenses. Mobex has a variety of SIP Trunks available and together we can customize a service solution to meet your organization’s needs. To see more of the benefits offered to you by Mobex via SIP Trunks please visit here.


Mobex provides business caliber telecommunications with customizable features to help you better connect with your customers. With Mobex, you have the added benefit of giving your small business a large business feel, and added security and value to your customers.

Nov 06

SIP Trunking: What Is It? Why Should We Use It?

By Mobex | Business Communication , SIP Trunks

A new IHS survey shows 45 percent of respondents use SIP Trunking today for a portion of their voice connectivity requirements, rising to 62 percent by 2017 as the use of legacy trunks such as T1s decreases. But why the switch?

There is no questioning technology has changed immensely over the last 10 years, even more so in the last five. One area in which this is very apparent is telecommunications for businesses, both large and small. An increasingly common phrase in modern telecom is SIP Trunking or SIP Trunks. If you are reading this, we assume you are most likely a current or potential Mobex customer and not in the telecom industry yourself and therefore do not understand what SIP Trunking means and would like to know more. As always, we are here to help.

To fully comprehend what SIP Trunking means, you must first understand the S-I-P. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. In traditional telecommunications, network engineers established a distinct difference between the two different phases of a voice call. The first phase includes all the physical needs one must have to establish communication between two devices; therefore, the phones or computers themselves. The second phase is the data transfer and the technology with which it transpires. SIP is the standardized communications protocol, otherwise known as the set of rules, for signaling and controlling multimedia communications sessions. SIP applications not only include voice calls, but also video calls and instant messaging.

Having established what SIP means, we can now move on to SIP Trunking. Although a SIP Trunk provides the same basic service you would get from a traditional analog phone line, you no longer need a physical wire to make it work. SIP Trunking is a virtual phone line provided by Mobex, networked via your data circuit (i.e. your internet).

Because SIP Trunking requires no physical lines and communicating over a computer network comes at lower costs, overall, it is considerably cheaper. Dependent upon the types of communications and calls you are making, SIP Trunking can potentially save you up to 50%, leaving a significant portion of your budget to go towards other business needs and/or increasing profits.

Getting setup is relatively simple. All we need to do is determine how many SIP Trunks you will need (typically one per every 2-3 users) and examine your internet connection. You may or may not need to increase your bandwidth, based on the amount of calls you expect to make.

Simplicity and cutting costs is just two of the many benefits of converting to SIP Trunking. In our next post we will further examine its many paybacks and how it can take your business to the next level. Until then, visit our SIP Trunking page for further details.


Mobex provides business caliber telecommunications with customizable features to help you better connect with your customers. With Mobex, you have the added benefit of giving your small business a large business feel, and giving added security and value to your customers.

Oct 27

Small Business Phone Systems: VoIP or Landlines?

By Mobex | Business Communication , VoIP

We all are acutely aware that technology is changing and evolving at a rapid pace. Your computer, cell phones, and gadgets all seem to be outdated and diminished as soon as you walk out of the store with them. This is true for the equipment and systems in your business as well, which is why Mobex is here to help. One area in which we suggest an infrastructure overhaul is shifting from a traditional telephone system to a cloud phone system.

This sounds intimidating at first, we know, as there is so much uncertainty about “the cloud”. But we promise it’s simple and the benefits are copious. Given how much interaction you have on a daily basis with customers, vendors, staff, and more, it can be quite complicated to keep track. Not to mention communication is no longer limited to 8-5 or store hours. Work often takes place at home, on the road, and even in the air.

Therefore, here are the advantages of having a cloud-based phone system:

  1. Better contracts, lower costs.

Traditional phone systems typically require long-term contracts and costs can add up quickly, including: long distance charges, maintenance and service fees, extraneous hardware, and having a dedicated IT person on staff.

Our cloud phone system requires no long-term, binding contract; expensive hardware; costly service and maintenance; or extra staff onsite. All you need is the actual desk phones, should you choose to keep them (mobile phones work as well).

  1. Fewer complications, more mobility.

Since a cloud phone system requires no superfluous equipment, you’ll have neither any large, bulky pieces taking up storage room, nor thousands of feet of wire in your walls. The lack of physical equipment also frees you from the costs and time constraints associated with ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

Utilizing a cloud system also allows you to stay connected and access calls, faxes, and voicemails wherever you are, as long as there is an internet connection.

  1. Increased flexibility, improved focus.

We know business is always changing. By operating a cloud phone system, you can augment, alter, or reduce services as needed. You are not committed to one shape or size. You can customize your system to fit your exact needs, whether employees are in one building or scattered across 12 states.

Having this system in place allows you to concentrate on what is truly important: taking care of your customers and growing the business. You shouldn’t have to worry or put too much emphasis on and time into how your phone system is operating (or not!) Our cloud phone system allows for greater control, easier fixes, up-to-date technology, and all at a much lower cost.


Mobex provides business caliber telecommunications with customizable features to help you better connect with your customers. With Mobex, you have the added benefit of giving your small business a large business feel, and giving added security and value to your customers.

Sep 11

Mobex Fund Raising For Tampa Bay Pepin Academies

By Mobex | Mobex News

Signup in September and 100% of first payment will go to Pepin Academies

In his book “Technology and Digital Media in the Early Years: Tools for Teaching and Learning,” author and professor of special education Howard P. Parette says that “for many teachers, learning experiences in their classrooms are supported in varying degrees by a range of instructional technologies used with diverse groups of young children.”

Parette specifically believes that these technologies play an increasingly significant role in the education of kids with learning related disabilities. Because of this, we at Mobex want to do our part in ensuring these kids have access to the latest and greatest in classroom and learning technology.

For the month of September we are partnering with to boost the tech capabilities for teachers at Pepin Academies. Founded in 1999, Pepin Academies are non-profit, tuition-free, public charter schools dedicated to the education needs of students with identified learning and learning related disabilities.

With campuses in Tampa, Riverview, and now New Port Richey, Pepin Academies has grown to serve over 850 students with their signature “high intensity, low threat therapeutic learning community that celebrates the gifts of every student.” They’ve helped hundreds of students with learning disabilities graduate high school, go to college, and successfully find jobs. For students who struggle with disabilities on any level, these are not easy tasks. Like at most schools, Pepin’s budgets are tight, so Mobex, with, is excited to help empower these eager students with enhanced classroom technology.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that anyone who signs up for a new Mobex account during the month of September, regardless of when the account is activated, 100% of the first month’s payment will go to Pepin Academies. Feel free to contact us today with any questions or to get set up. For more information you can also visit and

Mobex provides business caliber telecommunications with customizable features to help you better connect with your customers. With Mobex, you have the added benefit of giving your small business a large business feel, and giving added security and value to your customers.

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Jul 21

How Business Smart Is Your Smartphone?

By Mobex | Mobile Communication Technology

In a previous post “BLACKBERRY Z10: IS IT TRUE BALANCE?” we discussed how at the time the new Black Berry Balance was attempting to separate work hustle and bustle from personal life activities for all of us who either “bring your own device to work” (BYOD) or are entrepreneurs/ small business owners who run much of their companies communication’s from their smartphones.

The shortcoming from this was that even though a user is able to flip from one profile to another the communication platform never changes. Whether you are calling out, or someone else is calling in, all of that activity is happening over the same network. Thus your business/personal life is never fully separated (think cell phone minutes of use, still having to give out your personal number, uncertainty, etc). So what is the solution to this and many other communication dilemmas entrepreneurs’ face?

A Virtual PBX.

Counterpath App for Both Andriod and iOS

A Virtual PBX is a cloud based phone system, with a focus on those of us who would prefer to use our smartphone for life and also for business. From the user’s perspective there is no hardware to purchase, it is all in the cloud and seamlessly works with the user’s smartphone via mobile app. Perfect for entrepreneurs, mobile companies, or for employee’s that are required to BYOD. Incoming calls can be routed to an auto-attendant. The caller is given a menu of choices and the call is then forwarded to the appropriate app or cell phone. This gives small and mobile businesses a big company sound.

The system will work across multiple end devices, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows. The mobile applications use data connections, including Wi-Fi-3G/4G, to manage call routing, extensions, and take business calls from their smartphone, rather than simply route calls to their mobile phone number. (And if you’re in an area with poor internet connection, the call will automatically be routed to your cell’s network. Think of this as auto redundancy so you never miss a call.)


The Virtual PBX is designed to replace, or work in conjunction with, a desktop phone. Use this as a standalone service if your smartphone is your office; or, include this with a conventional desktop service if you have a fixed office location with our seamless integration. You are no longer tethered to your desk and can take your business out of the office with you. With full PBX functionality, including auto-attendant, IVRs, call groups, conference rooms, and web based management console, you will have everything your business communications needs right there with you on your smartphone.


– To learn more about how a Virtual PBX can help your business click here–> FAQs

Jan 26

New Year, New Me – 5 Tips for Improved Business Communication

By Mobex | Business Communication

We are officially in the new year and while you may have set a personal New Years resolution, have you set one for your company? Communication is one of the most important business assets that you can have to be successful. Check out our top 5 tips to ensure that your business communication is top notch in the year to come!

1. Find the preferred and/or optimal method of communication for the specific contact. For the people that you are constantly in contact with, such as an affiliate manager or advertising account rep, find out what their preferred method of communication is. Some people love to jump on the phone, while others prefer texting or an email. Take note if the communication methods you’re using are the most time effective, as well. Are you spending all day writing and responding to emails when a few brief phone calls would have accomplished the same task? Research by Atos Origin, a multinational IT services company, found that the average employee spends 40% of the working week “dealing with internal emails which add no value to the business.”

2. Prioritize your time. If you have a large number of contacts to make in a short period of time, make sure that you are taking care of the most important or time sensitive ones first. Some days there’s not enough time to do everything you need to. Don’t let that stop you from accomplishing your primary goals.

3. Set realistic expectations with your contacts. You can let your contacts know if there are circumstances that might delay your response to them, or if you will be unavailable. If you’re on vacation, traveling for business, or otherwise indisposed, you can setup an auto-responder to inform those who contact you of your expected response time. Also, if you are involved in a process that takes a couple weeks to finalize, let the client know that early on in your communication.

4. Cut out unnecessary contacts. When you find yourself too busy to keep up with your day-to-day tasks, make sure that you aren’t spending your time on unnecessary issues. If you’re receiving emails and phone calls from someone who you don’t want to do business with, a simple and polite message explaining that is the best solution. There is no need to waste their time (or your own) leading them on.

5. Be considerate of others’ schedules, and don’t over-communicate. If you have emailed someone about a non-urgent issue, allow a reasonable amount of response time. Perhaps the person you are writing is out of the office that day, or stuck in the middle of a pressing issue. Sending several emails back to back can seem unprofessional.

If you are interested in seeing how Mobex can better improve your business communications with a virtual PBX, please contact us!

Dec 31

End of year message from the CEO

By Mobex | Mobex News

Hello friends,

As we bring another year to a close, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on what we’ve achieved together over the past 12 months as well as express our enthusiasm for what’s to come in 2014 and beyond. 2013 was a year of tremendous growth and inspiration for us. Not only have we managed to increase our product offerings, and our market reach and share, but also the level of our customer appreciation. Organically, we expanded in the Tampa market and with the help of our partners at Verizon; we are opening in New England. We are launching our white label service and a complete Hosted PBX technology offering that will expand our presence into new geographies world-wide.

We have a lot to look forward to in the coming months, including some big plans that we think customers are going to love. In the works are several new products and ambitious undertakings for 2014 showing the depth of our innovation here at Mobex. Stay tuned for future updates!

We revamped our website and added three more;, and Moreover, we are making every effort to connect with our customers when and where they are. So stop in and chat with us sometime on any of our social media sites, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and even Instagram.

Now more than ever businesses have various telecommunication options available to them so we feel that every client deserves convenient access to the products, services, and information needed to achieve their communication goals; whether our customers are customizing the way they utilize telecommunications for the first time, or if it’s helping them increase productivity when their company grows and changes. We’ve emphasized growing with our customers and meeting their needs at every point along the way. We feel that our clients deserve prompt and personalized service and we invite interactions through multiple touch points. Whether they turn to our local and toll-free phone lines or prefer face-to-face assistance, we have put a premium on customer service. We realize that even as we are gain market share it is always important to distinguish ourselves as the market leader in client trust and satisfaction.

There are also some challenges we look to meet in 2014. We still face some reluctance from businesses to switch to VoIP. So it has been our mission this last year to better inform those who are interested while also simplifying our message for those who are uncertain. But most importantly, we have worked diligently to insure the quality is there for those who do wish to experience Mobex.

When it comes to service, value, convenience, and integrity, we want every client to have such a great experience with Mobex that they recommend us to their friends and associates. Mobex receives an important share of our new clients as a result of referrals from delighted clients and partners.

As we look to the New Year and beyond, we will continue to challenge the traditional business-as-usual model in the telephone industry and strive to create a better way to serve our customers.

Thank you for your interest and support, and Happy New Year!


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John Dalrymple

CEO, Mobex, Inc

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