Business Caliber Telecommunication

Why Mobex For Your Service?

With our simple and structured pricing options, you can easily calculate your total cost base on the number of tenants you have. Simple and straightforwards with no start up or hidden fees. 

In addition to a friendly and easy to user interface – a dedicate support team will be there for you to ensure that you’ll be working with someone who knows your business and can troubleshoot any errors quickly and effectively.

Run your business they way you want knowing you phones aren’t going to be a hassle. Our solid and reliable system which provides 99.9% up-time will give you the peace of mind so you can focus on what you do best.

Main Features

Programmed Numbers

With Mobex for Comelit, you gain the ability to program numbers into your hardware. Easily set up call boxes and forwarding numbers so your residents can communicate with anyone at the gate regardless of where they are. 

Live Customer Service

Forget automated “self-help” menus. With Mobex Service for Comelit, whenever you need to troubleshoot or ask a question, you talk to a real agent, each and every time. Get your problem resolved quickly and get back to business quickly. 

Your Own Test Numbers

Have a technician on site that needs to test a few things out? No worries, we set you up with your own unique test numbers that you can use to make sure the system works exactly as you want it. No need to wait for us to test. Control your features and services on your time. 

Number of Tenants Price Per Month 6 Months w/ Company Check
0 / 10 $10.00 $60.00
11 – 99 $20.00 $120.00
100 – 199 $30.00 $180.00
200 + $40.00 $240.00