Business Caliber Telecommunication

Mobex is a telecommunications company that offers you the advantage of using your mobile smart phone as a hub for you small business. Mobex gives you the added benefits of giving your small business a large business feel, giving added security and value to your customers. Providing you with your own business line, Mobex stops you from ever giving out your personal number to a client or customers and allows you to keep your professional and personal life separate. Have an IPad or Android Tablet? Mobex brings telecommunication capabilities to there as well. More than just call forwarding, Mobex allows for added capabilities such as conference calling, grouping, video chat, auto-answering, and auto-attendant. Connect over Wi-Fi or 3G and Mobex will provide you with unlimited local and long distance calling without even using up your providers minutes! Mobex liberates your phone, your business, and your life!

Bring large business appearance and functionality to your smart-phone.

No term contracts!

STOP using cell phone minutes for your business calls!

STOP giving your cell phone number out to business clients!

NOT just a forwarding service; but a two-way feature rich business telephone service.

Mobex offers business phone service geared for the mobile office. Whether a home office with one user, a small office on the go or a larger enterprise with sales and support who cannot be tied to the desk; Mobex offers a cloud-based PBX service delivered via a smart-phone application.


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