Business Caliber Telecommunication

We Know You Have Questions So We Gathered A Few Of Our Most Asked And Put Them Somewhere To Hopefully Help Assist You

What Is Mobex?

What Is Mobex Virtual Phone System and How Can It Help My Business?

Can I Use Your Service If I Live In Canada Or Other Countries Besides The U.S.?

Does Mobex Require A Contract?

Do You Offer Service For International Callers?

Can I Request A Specific (Vanity) Phone Number?

Can I Buy An 800 Number From Another Company And Use It With Mobex?

Can I Transfer My Existing Toll Free Or Local Number To Your Service? What Is The Fee?

Who Owns The Numbers That Are Assigned To Me By Mobex And Can I Transfer Them?

Can I Have Multiple Toll Free Or Local Numbers On The Same Account?

With A Virtual PBX How Do I Distinguish Incoming Business Calls From My Personal Phone Calls?

When I Call People From My Mobex App, What Caller ID Will They See?

Do I Have To Record The Greetings In My Own Voice?

What Are Ring Groups?

What Are Informational Extensions?

What If I Have More Questions?

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