How it Works

Business Caliber Telecommunication

All you have to do is go to either the contact and signup page and we will personally take you through the set up process.

Its as easy as 1, 2
For a single user, all you will need is one smart phone app and one business line
For multiple users, you will still need one smart phone app (or desk phone) and one extension for each user. You will automatically  be given the enhanced PBX service pack which will give you the auto-answer attendant, web interface, and the other features listed below.

1) Download smart phone app(s) – 1 per user:

-> Find your app choices here: Smart phone apps

-> If you would prefer desk phones you may find them here: Phones

2) Fill out some information on the Sign-up page

You will receive a simple start-up guide in your email within one business day.
And then you are on the road!

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