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For the entrepreneur & office on the go, run your business phone from your smartphone app or cell phone for as low as 3 cents per minute and never pay unnecessary recurring charges or taxes!



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Enjoy all of our awesome features with the big business capabilities while only paying for exactly what you need. Your plan grows with you and your usage. Once you’re ready, you easily switch to one of our standard plans.


Auto Attendant
Add a virtual receptionist to your team who can route calls to the right people, answer basic questions, and give your company a big business appearance.

Unlimited Number of Extensions
Build your team as big as you want.

Time of Day Call Routing
How to handle after hours calls? Pick the time of day and days of the week you would like to route cals to your answering service, on-call cell phone, Auto Attendant, or wherever you choose.

Voicemail to Email
Not at your desk? Out in the field? Not a problem! Never miss a call. Your voicemails may be forwarded to your email with the actual message attached as a file.

Ring Groups
“Sales”, option #1, “Customer Service”, option #2, etc… Ring the whole team at once, or in the order you determine.

Web Console
Sound like a lot of features? Control all your features, usage, and billing from our easy to use Web Console.[/one_half_last]

Features Include:

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  • No phones or hardware to buy, use with your existing cell phone or landline.
  • Calls are sent to your smartphone app or forwarded to a cell phone (or both)
  • 1 Toll free or local number included or, keep your existing number(s), at no cost
  • Local numbers available throughout the US
  • Custom call forwarding
  • Internet fax via email
  • Conferencing
  • And so much more!


To learn more about how our Pay As You Go Virtual PBX can help your business click here.



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Contact one of our specialist who will design a system, under your direction, that benefits your company’s needs.

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