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Business Caliber Telecommunication

Mobex, customized business phone solutions on your terms.

Hosted VoIP

Complete business phone system
HOSTED VoIP Business Phones
Ready to Upgrade to VoIP?
Upgrade your existing phone system with Hosted VoIP! With a full range of features, Mobex can be completely customized to accommodate all of your business needs!
Find out what we can do for you!

SIP Trunks

Phone lines for existing systems

Managing An On-Premise PBX?
Keep your existing phone system and save money using Mobex business lines. Quality phone service with an abundance of business features.
See how you can save!

Text Messaging

Text Enable Your Business Phone
Business Text Messaging
Innovate Your Communications
Text enable your existing main business telephone number to send & receive sms text messages from your customers, potential customers and employees.
Learn new ways to connect with your customers

Call Centers

Domestic/International Calling
Business Phone Solutions for Call Centers
Call Center Communications
Choose from a number of different solutions for the VoIP Call Center that suits your company’s needs, no matter your size.
Learn how we can improve your operations.

Customized for you

With a full range of features, Mobex can be completely personalized to fit all of your business phone needs.

Changing over is easy

Our relationship means a dedicated staff member will manage your transition and stay with you as your business grows

We’ll work with you

We’ll show you all the features we offer. And together, we’ll establish which works best for your needs.

Feature rich benefits

Whether you choose one feature or more, all features are available to you with no hidden costs.

No Contracts

At Mobex we understand the need for your business to be flexible and agile, which is why we don’t require lengthy contracts or termination fees.

No Setup or Activation Fees

Businesses come to Mobex to save money & expand their communications, which is why there’s no setup or activation fees when you sign up for Mobex.

Premium Support

With Mobex you will have a dedicated support person who will know your business and be available to assist you.

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Contact one of our specialist who will design a system, under your direction, that benefits your company’s needs.

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